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Jaxo Systems main assets consist of a library rich of more than 50 packages aimed at various domains such as markup (XML/HTML/XSL), image processing, interpreters, encoders/decoders, GUI widgets, barcodes, HTTP, TCP/IP, I/O, and even… regular expressions.

Since 1999, most of these packages have been ported to the specific environment of embedded devices.  This includes Epoc/Symbian, J2ME / MIDP/CLDC, Windows CE, Android.  Mid 2007, Jaxo Systems technology becomes publicly available, for non-commercial use, revealing applications that were foreseen as killer ones: 2D-barcodes processing.

Thanks to our fast-growing community of early adopters, Jaxo Systems is created in March 2008 as a French Company, in order to provide an industrial and well-established structure to answer professional needs.

President, CEO, co-founder of Jaxo Systems, Pierre G. Richard has many years of expertise in high-tech engineering and product development processes.After graduating from the French "Grande Ecole" Ecole Superieure d'Electricite, Pierre spent several years as Research Staff Member at the IBM T.J.Watson Research Center (NY).  At age of 35, he is appointed by IBM France as Advisor for Numerical Intensive Computing.  From 1992 to 2001, Pierre has held executive positions as Chief Scientist and VP Technologies in large US companies. Since long, Pierre has a passion at building products for embedded devices.  While on sabbathical, he realizes a REXX interpreter for Palm-OS and actively contributes to the development of SuperWaba, porting this outstanding Java Virtual Machine (publicly available) to more than 21 operating systems.

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