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Tak'A'Tikpronunciate like in "tak(e) a tick(et)" —is aimed at the e-ticketing business companies in order to extend the delivery of tickets onto mobile phones. This is me-ticketing (mobile-electronic-ticketing.)

When ordering the ticket, a choice is proposed to the customer asking if she/he desires to receive the ticket on her/his phone (or to send it to the the phone of a friend.))

Tak'A'Tik was developed as a full solution, from ordering the ticket on the Internet, receiving the ticket via SMS on the mobile phone, up to verifying the ticket at the entrance of the show.

The ticket itself is shown as a 2-dimensional barcode (QR code) and carries enough information to protect the ticket from frauds.  On her/his phone, the customer accesses the human-readable information for the event, while, at the entrance of the show, a barcode scanner reads the barcode.  The barcode data is encrypted as a public/private key pair making it quite impossible to be counterfeit as a different ticket.

Being read by a data scanner coupled with a computer, the ticket is controlled using all the resources of information technology.

If desired, the ticket can be individualized for security reasons.  Special care has been taken to allow re-issuing a ticket that could have been lost.

The solution comprises :

  •         Download  the phone application, running on most java-enabled mobile phones.
  •            Demo      an example of a website where consumers enter their orders and pay.  This is intended to ease e-ticketing business companies in integrating Tak'A'Tik with their own site.
  • the code required to decode the ticket at the entrance of the show.  It reads at the screen of the mobile phone from either a barcode scanner, or even a simple webcam.  The decoded data is sent via IP.
  • an HTML application to validate tickets, interfacing with the registration database.

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