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Did you ever use a call-back center to lower the cost of your mobile phone calls when travelling to foreign countries? If you did so, you know how great that is, but you also know what a burden it is to enter the call center phone number — depending on the country you are in —, then enter (or say) the phone number of the person you want to call. 

Sending an SMS to your call center is one of the best means to establish the connection with your correspondant:

  • the safest way to communicate the phone number of your correspondant,
  • the fastest (don't wait on line); and,
  • this is cheap!
However, most of the time you don't have access to your contacts when composing an SMS. Also, entering an SMS is not the easiest thing on world, especially when running in an airport, or driving (though, you should never do that!)

If you know all of the above, then CallFacile will save your time, patience, and... money. 


  • runs on most recent mobile phones;
  • if your phone doesn't provide an access to your contacts, then CallFacile will create a contact list for you;
  • if you are travelling a lot, so you collect several call cards, that is not a problem. CallFacile activates the relevant card in just a couple of clicks.
  • and, finally, after landing, calling your correspondants via your preferred call-back center is (most often) a single click.

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