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BagMyTrip presents a full solution for creating and delivering Bar Coded Boarding Passes (BCBP) on mobile phones, in conformity to IATA Resolution 792.

  1. The passenger can process to check-in at home, at the lounge, in the taxi, from either its mobile phone, or a computer.  The ticket is sent back in the form of a single SMS (or bluetooth, IRDA, etc.)
  2. Upon receiving the confirmation SMS, the mobile phone wakes up automatically, signalling a plane ticket ready.  This ticket is shown with detailled (human readable) informations: legs, flight number, gate, etc. 
  3. From now on, the gate and the passenger stay in touch for advertizing of gate assignment, delays, cancellation, or no-show.
    • The information stored on the phone may also contain extra-data such as active links to emergency phone numbers, hotels resas, aso.
    • Tickets are conveniently stored in the phone memory, being ordered by date. Frequent travellers can trace their trips easily.

  4. At the entrance of the gate, the screen of the mobile phone will show the appropriate barcode to be decoded by the usual Boarding Gate Reader (BGR).
The solution comprises:
  •         Download  the phone application, running on most java-enabled mobile phones.
  •            Demo      A WEB application showing the differents steps 1) receiving the check-in demand; 2) acknowldeging and filling the required fields (seat number, gate, flight operator); 3) sending the SMS back to the passenger

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