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How To

Get Set...
To place a call, you need a call-back card, and, obvioulsy, a phone number to call.
  1. Press "Menu", then "Add" to enter the phone number of a person you want to call.  On a real phone, of course, you don't need to do this: your actual agenda will be used.
  2. Press "Menu" again, "My Cards", then "Add".  Enter the call card id and a nick name for it.  On a real phone, that is what you do at the time you buy a brand new call-back card. 
    Press "OK".  The blinking light indicates your card is activated.
    You are ready for placing any call.
Back to your contact list, select the person to call, press "Menu" and "Place Call".
You can enter as many cards you wish: to activate another card, go to "My Cards", select the relevant one, press "Activate".

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